Insurance claim process might change:

There is the latest news that insurance claim process may change when a new law goes effect from 1st of Sept. 2017.

House Bill 1774 was passed by the Texas Legislature during the regular session and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in May.

This law was brought against insurance companies who take a long time to process the payment for policyholders.

If a person claims insurance amount before this law goes into effect and insurance company does not pay on time then the insurance company will pay 18% as a penalty in addition to claim amount.

After getting effective of this law, Under HB 1774, the penalty amount will be reduced to 10 % from 18 %. It means this is going to be a big relief for insurance companies.

Here is what you need to do if you have damage:

– Turn in your claim as soon as possible.

– Keep copies of receipts you submit to your insurance company

– Watch out for contractors and other people asking to do repairs. Storms bring out unscrupulous vendors. Keep a claims notebook that is names of phone numbers, adjusters, contractors, future damages, everything associated with the damage and repairs.


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