Transfer old car insurance to the new car

There are few question that needs to be answered in order to understand new policy of car insurance:

Car Insurance

Question 1. I sold my old car and planning to buy a new car, Can I transfer the existing car’s insurance to the new car?

Yes, such a great news for the day that now we’ll be able to transfer our existing car’s insurance to the new one.  This can be requesting by contacting our insurance company through an application for substitution of vehicle by another vehicle of the same class for the balance period of the policy.

It just that we need to pay difference in premium amount due to variation in rate and value of the new car.

Question 2. I have been out of country for almost 1.5 years and the car insurance policy has lapsed. What should I do to revive it?

You need to contact customer service of insurance company and ask for insurance cover. The customer care executive will help you in getting policy as per your requirement. You will get a new policy as per the terms and conditions applicable at the time of policy issuance.

Question 3. I am migrating from Delhi to Kanpur Do I have to intimate my insurance company for the change in location and address and do I have to take a special insurance for the road transit of the vehicle?

Best way to handle this is, Please contact your insurance company and get all information updated as soon as possible. This will allow your insurer to reach you for renewals on time or at the time of claim assistance. If you are changing the registration number of your car in the near future, you must update your insurer about this.

Question 4. For how many years can I take the Zero Depreciation insurance cover?

The Zero Depreciation cover policy varies from insurer to insurer. You may check with your insurance company about the age of the car in years that it offers the cover for.