How to claim your damage

How to claim your damage if car or property damaged In flood?

How to claim your damage?

During the result of any unexpected incidents, like overflow or flood conditions, there is typically loss of vehicle (Car) body, damaged houses are also frequently viewed after any natural hazard.
In heavy monsoon, vehicles, machines, and houses are damaged along with land properties. In it situation you think, how can I claim my damage through insurance?
You can claim your damage if you have a full machine {Car, vehicle } and house protection (Insurance) cover. Here is a quick guide about claiming.

Motor protection policy

Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance

The insurance company offers coverage for damage done to the Motor (vehicle) insured by them, but there is a list of disasters who covered by the companies.
There is a list, In Cases of natural disasters {calamities}, vehicle damaged is covered by Insurance Company.
1. Earthquake
2. Explosion or lightning
3. Self-ignition.
4. Flood or storm
5. home separating or stealing
6. Accident by external means.
7. Terrorist activity

Mode for claiming the policy

Mode for claiming the policy
Mode for claiming the policy

In the occurrence of natural calamities like as earthquake,
Floods, Heavy rainfall, the insured person should quickly notify the insurance company about the incident and damage. The company investigates the damages and determines the cost of restoration. “In case, you repaired your car after an unexpected accident by yourself and you didn’t inform Insurance company, then your claim rejected by the insurer because the insurance company will not be capable to determine the damage when car is repaired” Each insurance company has to take own time ones you have to inform about your damage, Insurer takes between 7-15 days.
But before depositing a claim, you have to File a FIR which needs to be submitted to the Insurer. But you have to submit the document to prove that the house or vehicle you are claiming this is yours.
Company investigates the damage to assets or vehicle and pays a claim. But you need to be careful and hold all receipts if repaired occurs before notifying the insurance company”

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Linking Aadhaar Card to LIC policy mandatory

After Supreme Court hearing, keeping in mind customer’s privacy, it has been announced that Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) policy holders will have to link their policies with Aadhaar card in order to get money back on maturity directly in their account.

To make it happen, LIC is now approaching the policy holders to link policies with Aadhaar card as soon as possible.This was announced by LIC senior advisor manager PK Saksena while interacting with a media person in his office on Saturday (Sept 2nd, 2017).

LIC senior Advisor manager said that this is already in progress and also confirmed that most of the policy holders have already completed the process.Not only Aadhaar card rather policy holders are being asked to give their registered mobile number and Pan card too.LIC is completing its 61 foundation year, this is being considered an insurance week.

It has already begun with plantation done by the Dehradun SSP Nivedita Kukreti on Friday.He said that we’ll organize Health camps, Car/Bike rallies, Teacher’s felicitation and painting competition. LIC has also started making the contribution in the state’s Development. RS 2,579 Crore investment plan has been made in the financial year 2016-17. Also, four policies have been brought for the corporation Employees.