HDFC Life, Apollo Munich team up for dual cover

This is just great news for all of us that HDFC Life insurance and Apollo Munich Health have decided to launch a plan “Click2Protect Health Plan”, which will provide both Life and health cover under a single plan.

Both companies have combined their plan as below:

  • The benefits of HDFC Life’s ‘Click2Protect 3D Plus (term) protection plan and
  • Apollo Munich’s ‘Optima Restore health indemnity plan.

Subrat Mohanthy (Senior EVP, HDFC Life) said that “We have combined our flagship term insurance product with Apollo Munich’s flagship health insurance product. The regulatory encouragement to actually have a combination product, which offers a combination of life and health insurance benefits, gave us the idea that we should bring these two products together”.

He also said that “Through a single proposal form, single medical, single premium, customers can get both the products together, making it convenient for them. It is also cheaper because there is an overall 5 percent discount if the customer buys the two products together”.

Both companies have issued a joint statement below:

Include the waiver of future premiums on account of accidental total permanent disability or in the diagnosis of critical illness, and special premium rates for women and non-tobacco users.

Multiplier benefit

Further, hospitalization profit blankets in-patient treatment, pre-and post-hospitalisation costs alongside restore profit (cover sum is restored to an additional disease alternately gang member) What’s more multiplier profit (upon a claim-free year, that essential whole of cash guaranteed individually expands by 50 percentage and, whether those second quite a while excessively awful will be claim-free, after that the fundamental aggregate guaranteed individual may be doubled).

As stated by those statements, the arrange likewise hails for incredulous point rider coating eight basic illnesses, for example, such that cancer and heart ailments, Furthermore additionally gives cashless medicine abroad to these illnesses.

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