Indara Insurance Public Company Limited (INSURE) Is Yet to See Trading Action on Sep 2

Indara Insurance Public Company Limited’s shares ((BKK: INSURE) closed at 55.  This company has 10 lakh shares currently and on average see 83 shares exchange hands each day. The new stock has a 52 week low of 30.25 and high of 55.

Thailand’s Rise to Economic Power

Asia is expected to make up 26% of the global financial wealth by 2019. Same thing being expected from Indara Insurance Public Company Limited and its stocks. This growth is driven by thriving Asian nations such as Thailand.

Although the unforgettable 1997 Asian Financial Crisis had sparked from Thailand’s foreign currency woes, Asia has gone a long way from there particularly because of Thailand.

Thai Equity Market

The Stock Exchange of Thailand is the primary stock exchange in Thailand. From January 31, 2015, nearly 600 companies are already listed on the SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand). it has a total market capitalization of $460 billion.

Indara Insurance Public Company Limited is a Thailand firm engaged in the provision of non-life insurance. The company has a market cap of $550.00 million. The Firm operates four business divisions: fire insurance segment, which covers buildings, houses, townhouses, flats and condominiums, as well as assets in those properties; marine and transportation insurance; motor insurance, and miscellaneous insurance, including personal accident insurance, travel accident insurance, all-risks insurance, burglary insurance, public liability insurance, golfer’s indemnity insurance, fidelity guarantee insurance, workmen’s compensation insurance, plant and equipment insurance, contract work insurance, boiler insurance, electronic equipment insurance, machinery installation insurance and machinery breakdown insurance. It has a 390.54 P/E ratio. It also offers inward and outward reinsurance services.



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