Different age brackets require different insurance products

A life insurance product is a better investment option for the customers offering one of the best in the world.

Like, protection, investment to a tax benefit. However, we are surrounded by many products in the market but it can be decided what product to consider at what age and how much insurance cover to avail.

Below is some important insurance cover:

Child Plans:   We need to select a secure cover plan for a child which can ensure that child is secure if something unfortunate happens to you.

In a comparison of other saving plans, it offers the additional protection of premiums being funded by the many companies.




Annuity plan /Retirement: Retirement plan is a most important plan for a service man. It helps a service man to achieve all the requirements after getting retired from services. In order to do this, you need to ensure that you have understood everything about the product which includes premium and maturity amount.

This product would be a joint life annuity whereby the annuity payment continues even post the death of the individual at a reduced rate payable to the spouse.

Conclusion for this topic is, it is very much important for customers to look at the factors of product and choose the right product as per your age and make your life happy.

Stay Happy !!